Mobile Control II - Firmware

The software of your Mobile Control II  is constantly developing. If it is not possible to update your Mobile Control II through the Google PlayStore, you can easily carry out this with your Windows computer. Just select the latest version of the update program.

  • Firmwareupdate tool for Mobile Control II

    Language: , Date: 12.10.15, Version: Universal

    Version 1.1.0

    • New integrated locomotive icons
    • Enable or disable direction change delay
    • Fixes issues with the android software keyboard in locomotive editor
    • Improved stablity

    ESU Input Services 1.07

    • STOP key did not react anymore on some devices
    Universal update tool for Mobile Control II 50113 and 50114. This software automatically fetches the latest firmware from our update server. It does not have to be reinstalled every time, it is sufficient to start the tool. Requires an internet connection. Observe the update instructions.

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