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LokSound V3.0 M4 - Electric locos

Art.No. Name Description Download Details
62460BR 110 electric standard locomotive DB type 110 Download
62461E40 electric loco E 40 Download
62462E75 old type elctric locomotive E75 Download
62463BR 103 electric long-haul locomotive DB type 103 Download
62464E94 old type electric locomotive, aka "German Crocodile" Download
62465BR 120 long-haul standard electric locomotive Download
62466BR 150 DB standard electric locomotive Download
62467ICE Express train InterCity Express 1 & 2 Download
62468Re 460 Swiss electric loco Re 460 Download
62469BR 143 electric standard locomotive Download
62470E44 old type electric locomotive Download
62471Ce 6/8 Swiss electric loco "Crocodile" Download
62472Re 4/4 II Swiss electric locomotive Re 4/4 II for SBB and other companies Download
62473ÖBB Taurus ÖBB long-haul electric locomotive "Taurus"; suitable for ÖBB 1016 and 1116 Download
62474Ae 6/6 Swiss electric locomotive Ae 6/6 for SBB and other companies Download
62475ÖBB 1044 universal electric locomotive ÖBB 1044; also suitable for ÖBB 1142 Download
62483BR 185 electric locomotive DB type 185; Bombardier Traxx (also DB type 146) Download
62484BR 101 long-haul electric locomotive DB Type 101, also suitable for DB type 145 and 128 Download
62485BR 141 / E41 electric locomotive DB type 141 (E41) Download
62486Eurosprinter Siemens Dispolok, "Eurosprinter ES 64 P", Sound for BR 127, BR 152, BR 182 and BR189, RENFE S 252 and CP LE5600 Download
62487ETA / ESA 176 accumulator rail car ETA/ESA 176 "Cigar of Limburg" Download
62492E18 electric locomotive; era II / III Download
62493ET 65 electric rail car ET 65 a.s.o. Download
62495LKAB IORE Ore train LKAB IORE with ADTranz / Bombardier engine Download
62497Gottardo TEE RAe II "Gottardo" Trans Europ Express for Switzerland and Italy Download
62498ICE 3 Express Train ICE 3 Download
63401HLE 13 SNCB/NMBS HLE 13 Belgian electric locomotive, engine by Alstom, aka "Reeks 13" or "Type 13" Download
63402Reeks 15 SNCB / NMBS Standard electric locomotive old Download
63403HLE 16 SNCB/SNCF HLE 16, old Belgian electric locomotive Download
63404HLE 20 SNCB / NMBS HLE 20, Belgian electric loco Download
63405Reeks 11, 12. 21, 27 SNCB / NMBS standard electric locomotive Download
63406HLE 23 SNCB / NMBS HLE 23 standard electric loco Download
63407SNCB / NMBS Reeks 26 Electric SNCB / NMBS Reeks 26 Download
63412SNCF BB 427000 electric freight train locomotive, Alstom engines, also suitable for 437000 Download
63414BB 25100 SNCF BB 25100 Savoie electric locomotive Download
63421BR420 Commuter train BR420 Download
63423Reeks 15 SNCB / NMBS Standard electric locomotive old CV- and sound adjustment for LS-Models Type 15 Download
63424Reeks 11, 12. 21, 27 SNCB / NMBS standard electric locomotive, configurated for LS-Models HLE 27 Download
63429Stadler FLIRT Electric rail car FLIRT by Stadler, SBB-type Download
63444BR 180 DBAG Electric locomotive DBAG BR 180, former DR BR 230 Download
63445Ae 3/6 I Swiss old type electric locomotive Download
63446Ae 3/6 II Swiss old type electric locomotive Download
63447BLS Re 4/4 Swiss electric locomotive Re 4/4 of BLS Download
63448SBB Re 6/6 Swiss electric locomotive Re 6/6 from SBB Download
63450Ge 4/4 III RhB Swiss narrow Gauge electric locomotive Download
63451Ce 4/4 311 Swiss old type electric locomotive Download
63454ET 11 (for Liliput) electric rail car ET11 "Münchner Kindl" (Munich Child), Sound file for mounting-kit "Liliput ET11, Münchner Kindl" Download
63459Electric locomotive SJ Da Electric locomotive SJ Da Download