Bulletin: E03 / BR 103

E03 / BR 103

In 1965 German Deutsche Bundesbahn developed a six axle electric loco for fast passenger service. The unique design made the E03 (later 103) for the most famous German electric loco. All sample of the three designs reached a maximum speed of 200 km/h. Although they were developed only for light trains the 103 succeeded in heavy intercity service for more than 30 years.

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
Lightfront light on/off
F1sound on/off1, 2, 5259, 267, 291128, 128, 90
F2big whistle3275128
F3small whistle4283128
F4motor fan on/off529190
F6acceleration/brake time, shunting mode/shunting speed
F7curve squeal15371110
F9compressed air let off9323110
F10conductor's signal10331125
F11coupler clank831580
F12open/close window1637990
F13release/set locomotive brake1335595
F14station announcement #17307128
F15station announcement #214363128
F16open/close door12347128
F17rail clank sound on/off17387100
F18hand brake set/release2444380
F19oil cooling fan20411105
F20pantograph up/down11339128
F21rail noise23435105
F22radio communication #119403100
F23radio communication #2 (shunting distance)21419100
F24radio communication #322427100
F26disable brake squeal sound