Bulletin: SBB Ee 3/3

SBB Ee 3/3

Between 1928 and 1956 the Swiss State Railway (SBB) had received 106 samples of side rod equippes electric shunting locomotives of Class Ee 3/3. The different series differ externally very much, but drivetrain is quite close. The tree axle locomotives reach a maximum speed of 40 (1st series) and 50 km/h (5th series ).

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
LightFront light
F1Sound on/off1, 20259, 41125, 128
F2long whistle #1 3275128
F3long whistle #24283128
F6acceleration/brake time, shunting mode/shunting speed
F7curve squeal1537165
F8AUX1 [1]
F9compressed air let off9323128
F10conductors signal1033150
F11couple / decouple831560
F13brake release / set brake1335560
F14radio conversation #1 (shunting distance)7307100
F15short whistle16379128
F16door open / close1234790
F17rail clank1738755
F18radio conversation #214363100
F19panto up / down2242765
F21radio conversation #318395100
F22radio conversation #419403100
F23radio conversation #523435100
F24radio conversation #624443100
F25sound fader
F26disable brake squeal sound