Bulletin: SNCF BB22000

SNCF BB22000

For traction of fast passenger trains under 1,5 kV DC and 25 kV AC system French State Railway SNCF ordered 205 samples of four axle BB 22000. The locos develop 4140 kW and reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h.

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
Lightdirectional headlights on/off
F1sound on/off 1, 5, 14259, 291, 36340, 128, 95
F2airhorn #13275128
F3airhorn #24283128
F6acceleration/brake time, shunting mode/shunting speed
F7curve squeal on/off15371100
F9compressed air let off932385
F10conductor's signal10331100
F11coupler clank831585
F12sanding valve1133935
F13brake release24443120
F14station announcement #17307110
F15short airhorn signal #121419128
F16open/close door1234795
F17rail clank on/off1738795
F18station announcement #218395110
F19station announcement #323435110
F20short airhorn signal #222427128
F21airhorn signal (station platform)16379128
F22airhorn signal (tunnel)19403128
F23switch flange on/off20411110
F24random sounds off/on
F25sound fader
F26disable brake squeal sound