Bulletin: BR 65 - KM1®

BR 65 - KM1®

The BR 65 had been a completely new design of DB in 1951. The two cylinder loco had a maximum speed of 85 km/h and showed an excellent acceleration and tractive power. The BR 65 had been used for passenger trains in rolling country.

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
LightFront light1940340
F1drive sequence1, 2, 24259, 267, 443128, 128, 128
F4running board lights1940340
F5smoke generator
F6blow out9323128
F7cab light1940340
F8conductor's signal1033170
F9short whistle16379128
F10coal shoveling529140
F12air pump629955
F13safety valve12347128
F14empty of the firebox1436360
F15water pump2041180
F16shunting lights1940340
F17acceleration/brake time, shuting mode/shunting speed
F18rail clank1738770
F21brake set / brake release13355128
F22station announcement #1730785
F23station announcement #22242770
F24curve squeal1537190
F25turbo generator off/on