Bulletin: VT612 DBAG


German State Railway DB AG ordered 192 samples of hydraulic driven diesel rail car 612. The two-car-units are equipped with two Cummins-6-cyl-diesel motors. Each of them develops 560 kW, what enables the rail car to reach a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The cars are equipped with tilting technology for higher speeds even on some branch lines.

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
Lightlight on/off
F1motor #1226790
F2airhorn #13275128
F3motor #21259128
F4air condition fan529170
F6shunting mode
F7airhorn #24283128
F9compressed air let off932380
F10conductor's signal1033185
F11coupler clank8315128
F12sanding valve1133932
F13release train brake1335580
F14station announcement #17307128
F16open/close passenger door12347128
F17rail clank1738795
F18station announcement #214363128
F19set spring-loaded brake2041190
F20set/release magnetic track brake1940390
F21set/release fast brake1839590
F22station announcement #321419128
F23station announcement #422427128
F24station announcement #524443128
F25power generator2343590
F26random sounds off/on
F27sound fader
F28disable brake squeal sound