Bulletin: BR 212 (V100 DB)

BR 212 (V100 DB)

The diesel locomotive V100 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn (DB) had been developed in the late 1950s to replace the Prussian steam locos BR 38.10-40, BR 55 and 78. The locos had 12 cylinder four stroke motors with 1100 HP of MAN, Mercedes-Benz or Maybach. A pair of those motors also worked in the famous V200. The DB found out that the motors were not strong enough for some service so the DB ordered a stronger version of the V100.10 (later numbered as BR 211) named V100.20 (later BR 212). The 212 had a larger cooling system in the long hood and were slightly longer than the 211. They were powered by 1350 HP diesel motors of Mercedes-Benz or MAN. If a motor change had been necessary the motors had been replaced by MTU’s MB 12 V 652 TA. Both V100 types had been equipped with a 2 cyl. diesel motor to develop the electrical energy for the loco while the main diesel motor had not been working. The locos had a horn and a bell.

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
LightFront light
F1Sound on/off1259128
F2airhorn long3275128
F4AUX2, ventilator5291128
F6Acceleration/brake time, Shuting Mode/Shunting speed
F7curve squeal15371128
F10conductor signal10331128
F13brake release13355128
F14station announcement #17307128
F15airhorn short16379128