Bulletin: NMBS Type 120 / HLE 28

NMBS Type 120 / HLE 28

In 1949 Belgian State Railways SNCB received three samples of four axle electrics 120.01-03. In 1971 the locos were numbered for 2001-2003, in 1976 numbers changed to 2801-2803. The locos developed 1985 kW and reached a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
Lightfront light on/off
F1sound on/off1, 2, 7259, 267, 307128, 128, 110
F2low air horn signal4283100
F3high air horn signal3275128
F6acceleration/brake time, shunting mode/shunting speed
F7curve squeal15371100
F9compressed air let off9323128
F10conductor's signal1033185
F11coupling / decoupling831580
F12sanding valve1133935
F13brake release13355100
F14station announcement #121419128
F15shunting horn 119403105
F16open/close door1234795
F17rail clank1738760
F18station announcement #214363105
F19shunting horn 220411115
F20pantograph up/down22427128
F21sound fader
F22disable brake squeal sound