Bulletin: RhB Ge 4/6

RhB Ge 4/6

In 1913 the Rhetian Railway (RhB) of Switzerland needed eight electric locos for their first AC line between Samedan and Scuol. The assembly had been done by SLM in Winterthur. The four driven axles are connected by side rods. Wheel arrangement is 2-8-2. With a tractive power of 1280 HP the loco reached a maximum speed of 34 mph. The last of the very successful locos had been taken out of service in 1984. In Swiss depot in Samedan 353 is still operated for fan trips

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
LightFront light
F1Sound on/off1, 2259, 267
F2long whistle #1 3275
F3long whistle #24283
F6acceleration/brake time, shuting mode/shunting speed
F7curve squeal15371
F8AUX1 [1]
F9safety valve9323
F10conductors signal10331
F11couple / decouple8315
F13brake set / brake release13355
F14german announcement #17307
F15short whistle16379
F16door open / close12347
F17rail clank17, 18387, 395
F18german announcement #214363
F19panto up / down22427