Sounds for LokSound Select

Here you can find all soundfiles available for the LokSound Select decoder. For downloading these files to your LokSound Select decoder, you will need the latest LokProgrammer software. Make sure that you have the latest version on your computer.

Many of the LokSound Select Sounds are recently recorded sounds. These sounds were edited with the most technologically advanced sound decoders in mind: The LokSound V4.0 and LokSound Select decoders! These Premium Sound profiles take advantage of all that the LokSound Select has to offer.

All LokSound Select decoders include up to 16 horns or whistles, 2 different brake squeals, and 2 different bells or bell rates.

Many locomotive manufacturers have found the LokSound Select decoder to be the premier decoder for use in factory installed sound. These sounds have been tailered for specific locomotives made by these manufacturers. We decided to publish these soundfiles so that you can use them as a reference in case you want to reprogram your locomotive or you want to do any changes to the function mapping.

As a General Reference:

ANY LokSound Select Sound file can be written to ANY LokSound Select decoder. This means you can write a Micro(N Scale) 738xx file to an 8 pin or 21MTC Select, and alternately a 734xx(HO Scale) file to a Micro or Select Direct decoder.  The ESU LokProgrammer software will recognize the difference and ask you to proceed. By Accepting you are giving the permission needed for the LokProgrammer to automatically make the conversion needed.