Bulletin: *GE Cat-44*

*GE Cat-44*

The GE 44-ton switcher is a 4-axle diesel-electric locomotive built by General Electric between 1940 and 1956. The locomotives were available with a choice of prime movers. Most were built with a pair of Caterpillar Inc.'s D17000 V8 180 horsepower (134 kW) engines. It was designed for industrial and light switching duties, often replacing steam locomotives that had previously been assigned these chores. This locomotive's specific 44-short ton weight was directly related to one of the efficiencies the new diesel locomotives offered compared to their steam counterparts: reduced labour intensity. In the 1940s, the steam to diesel transition was in its infancy in North America, and railroad unions were trying to protect the locomotive fireman jobs that were redundant with diesel units. One measure taken to this end was a stipulation that locomotives weighing 90,000 pounds (41,000 kg) or more required a fireman in addition to an engineer. The 44-ton locomotive was born to skirt this requirement. Other manufacturers also built 44-ton switchers of center-cab configuration. 348 examples of this locomotive were built for North American railroads. Many remain, in service and in museums.

As with all Select decoders there are also 16 separate horns, 2 separate brake squeals, and 2 bells include on this one sound profile! All changeable using CV48

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
LightDirectional Headlight
F2Playable Airhorn3275128
F4Dynamic brake629986
F5Aux3 output (pre-set to Mars Light)
F6Aux1+Aux2 (Ditch Light)
F7Switching Mode
F8Prime Mover Sound On / Off (Mute)125990
F9Manual Notching (up)
F10Manual Notching (down)
F11Radiator (Fan) Sound8315128
F12Dimmer (Headlights)
F13Aux4 function output
F14Detector Sound9323128
F15Crossing Communication10331128
F16Rail Clank (works only if F8 is On)11339128
F17Brake Set / Brake Release12347128
F18Sanding Valve13355128
F19Short Air Let off14363128
F21Pop Valve Sound15371128