Bulletin: *EMD 6cyl 567A (FT)*

*EMD 6cyl 567A (FT)*

Equipped with ESU "FULL THROTTLE" features!
MUST use LokProgrammer Version 4.4.21 or newer

The EMD 567 family of Prime Mover was one of the most widely used in the world! From F-Units to Geeps this popular power house can still be found in many locomotives riding the rails today. Our EMD 6cyl version of the 567A would be appropriate for the following locomotives:


Although the following locomotives used a slightly different variation of the EMD 6cyl 567, our sound file would be acceptable in the following as well:


As with all SELECT decoders there are up to 16 separate horns, 2 separate brake squeals and 2 bells included on this one sound profile! All changeable using CV48.

Prime Mover:
CV48=0 EMD 6cyl 567A

Uses our OLD-HORNS-AND-BELLS template...

CV48=0 Nathan Single Chime
CV48=1 Nathan K3L
CV48=2 Nathan M5
CV48=3 Nathan P3
CV48=4 Nathan Old Cast P5
CV48=5 Nathan K3HA
CV48=6 Leslie RS3L
CV48=7 Leslie S3L #1
CV48=8 Leslie A125
CV48=9 Leslie A200
CV48=10 Leslie RS3K
CV48=11 Hancock Air Whistle
CV48=12 Wabco E2
CV48=13 Nathan M3H
CV48=14 Leslie S2M
CV48=15 Leslie Dual A125-A200

CV48=0 Steel Bell
CV48=64 Bronze Bell

Add values from above for total CV48 value.

Default CV48 Value = 64

0 - EMD 6cyl 567A
0 - Nathan Single Chime
64 - Bronze Bell

Total 0+0+64 = 64

New FULL THROTTLE features:
Drive Hold: Sound Slot 2 Mapped to F9
Independent Brake: Sound Slot 11 Mapped to F10
Run 8: Sound Slot 20 (not Mapped)
Coast: Sound Slot 21 (not Mapped)

For more info please see the "Full Throttle" Quick Start Guide in the ESU Instruction Manual Section of our Website.


Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
LightDirectional Headlights
F2Playable Airhorn3275128
F4Dynamic Brake629990
F5AUX3 (Rotary Beacon)
F6AUX1 + AUX2 (Front Ditchlights)
F7Switching Mode
F8Sound (On/Off)1259128
F9Drive Hold2267128
F10Independent Brake1133920
F11Radiator (Fan) Sound831550
F12Dimmer (Headlights)
F13AUX4 (Rear Ditchlights)
F15Fast Spitter Valve1537150
F16Spitters on Shutdown1839550
F17Brake Set / Brake Release
F18Sanding Valve13355128
F19Short Air Let Off14363128
F21Slow Spitter Valve1738750