Bulletin: *SP Cab Forward*

*SP Cab Forward*

Cab Forwards were designed to keep the crews from getting asfixiated from smoke while long tunnels. While a few other railroads considered purchasing the design, only the Southern Pacific Railroad ever bought any. Many wheel arrangements were used but most of them were of the 4-8-8-2 design.

Many Cab Forwards also contained a Seperate Air Horn. This Sound Profile also contains the ability to play this horn sound using Function 12. (remappable if desired)

AC-6 through AC-12 Cab Forwards Used a Saturated airpump mounted on the front of the boiler. These had a very distinct sound which we have gone through great lengths to duplicate.

As with all LokSound Select Steam Files there are 16 available whistles, which can be changed using CV 48

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
LightDirectional Headlights / Dynamo6299128
F2Playable Whistle3275128
F5Aux3 (Firebox)
F7Switching Mode
F8Sound (On/Off) 1, 2, 17, 24259, 267, 387, 443128, 128, 80, 99
F9Dimmer (Headlights)
F10Air Pump7307100
F11Oil Burner14363128
F12SP Air Horn15371128
F15Crossing Communication10331128
F17Brake Set / Brake Release12347128
F18Sanding Valve13355128
F19Open Cylinder Cocks18395128
F20Short Whistle16379128