Bulletin: *FM 6cyl 38D*

*FM 6cyl 38D*

One of the last to enter the US locomotive market and one of the first to leave, Fairbanks Morse is a historical manufactur known throughout the wold for their renouned oppsing piston prime movers. Maybe best know for the FM Trainmaster locomotives, Fairbanks Morse is still in business today as a Producer of Marine engines used in ships and submarines.

Not many examples remain and only a few of those are operational in the FM locomotive line. Many of the locomotives that are still running are mere six cylinder versions. FM produced 6cyl, 8cyl, 10cyl and 12cyl locomotives while producing for the railroad market.

Some examples of FM locomotives are:
Erie Builts, C-Liners(built by FM and Canadian subsidiary CLC), H-10-44, H-12-44, CLC H-12-46, H-15-44, H-16-44, H-20-44, H-16-66(Baby Trainmaster), H-24-66(Trainmaster).

Please note:
This file has a special Cold and Failed start that happen randomly. The Cold Start sequeance will happen the first time you turn this on. ONCE IN A WHILE during this cold start sequence the Prime Mover will fail to start and automatically retry. If the prime mover fails to start it is set up to start on the second try. Once started and then turned off a timer will begin. If the engine is started again before this timer expires it will then start with a warm start. If the timer has expired the engine will start the cycle over again with a cold start.

F14 will disable the cold and failed start sequence giving only the warm start option.

CV48=0 Single Chime
CV48=1 K3L
CV48=2 M5
CV48=3 P3
CV48=4 Old Cast P5
CV48=5 Single Chime*
CV48=6 RS3L
CV48=7 S3L
CV48=8 Leslie A-125
CV48=9 Leslie A-200
CV48=10 RS3K
CV48=11 Hancock Air Whistle
CV48=12 Wabco E-2
CV48=13 M3H
CV48=14 S2M
CV48=15 Leslie A-125*
*Duplicate Horn due to space restrictions

2 Bells:
CV48=0 Slow Air Bell
CV48=64 Fast Air Bell

Add Values from above for total CV48 Value.
Default CV48 Value = 5
0- Prime Mover #1
5- Single Chime Horn
0- Air Bell

Total 0+5+0 =5

Key Function Soundslots Volume CVs Volume value
LightDirectional Headlight
F2Playable Airhorn3275128
F4Dynamic Brake6299100
F5AUX3 (Set for Rotary Beacon)
F6Forward:AUX1 + AUX2 (Ditch Lights Front) Reverse: AUX4 (Ditch Lights Rear)
F7Switching Mode
F8Sound (On/Off)1259128
F9Manual Notching (up)
F10Manual Notching (down)
F11Radiator (Fan) Sound831545
F12Dimmer (Headlights)
F13Slow Spitter Valve1738780
F14Warm Start Only
F16Spitter on Shutdown Off
F17Brake Set / Brake Release
F18Sanding Valve13355128
F19Short Air Let Off14363128
F21Fast Spitter Valve1537180