ECoS Software 3.2.1. released


From today, the new ECoS software 3.2.1. is available for download for the ESU command stations on our website.

Software version 3.2.1. will be released for ECoS 50000 and Central Station 60212 "Reloaded" as well as for ECoS 50200 with colour display. Thus, for the first time, there are identical software packages for all of the three ESU digital command stations at the same time. The software packages are functionally identical.

Especially owners of monochrome devices will benefit from software 3.2.1.: Beside the removal of many bugs, the improved timing performance when switching magnetic accessories is worth mentioning. The most important change is, to be sure, for many users the revised graphical user interface: It works considerably faster and makes the handling of the command station much more comfortable!

Both the monochrome and the colour version will benefit from the improvements regarding the details of the s88-module: It not only works more stable now, but also the feedback speed has been improved quite a lot.

With all improvements and further changes we would like to recommend the update 3.2.1. to all users and wish you good success for the application.

The software is, as always, available for free downland. We offer two separate files for the monochome and the colour display devices. Please make sure that you download the correct version. To get access to the download area, a registration on our website is necessary. If you are not registered with your command station yet, this could be a very good opportunity!