RhB Railcar ABe 4/4 II in gauge G

  • Art.No. 30135 - RhB-Railcar ABe 4/4 II, No. 41

  • Art.No. 30136 - RhB-Railcar ABe 4/4 II, No. 42

  • Art.No. 30138 - RhB-Railcar ABe 4/4 II, No. 45

  • 30135 - RhB-Railcar ABe 4/4 II, No. 41
  • 30136 - RhB-Railcar ABe 4/4 II, No. 42
  • 30138 - RhB-Railcar ABe 4/4 II, No. 45

In 1964/65 the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) procured six electric rail cars type Abe 4/4 II for the Bernina railway, which were intended to replace the almost 20 year old rail cars Abe 4/4 I.  The new rail cars were numbered # 41-46 in the RhB numbering scheme. With an output of 940 HP / 608kW these rail cars are capable of hauling 65t trains up the 70‰ gradients. Thanks to the higher maximum speed of 65km/h the line capacity could be increased despite the higher loads hauled and increased transport volumes due to the success of the Bernina-Express. These reliable 4-axle rail cars are employed by the RhB in any type of train. They can be found hauling express trains such as the famous Bernina Express and local commuter trains, or freight services or maintenance trains. As double headers, also in combination with the dual power locomotives Gem 4/4 these rail cars must prove their strength also ahead of local trains, to which freight cars have been added right up to the maximum permitted load.  During the harsh winters the ABe 4/4 II are well appreciated as helper engines for the rotary snow ploughs clearing the right of way up to the Bernina pass.

The weather proof Pullman model incorporates all prototypical details and is manufactured as handicraft model based on both – plastic and metal parts. The grab irons and hose couplers at the ends are made of individual parts and are factory mounted. The rail cars will be slightly shorter than actual scale in order to assure trouble free operation on all commercially available radii (minimum 600mm). For an absolutely prototypical appearance the body will get a durable paint finish. Livery and lettering will be applied according to the respective states of construction. The cabs and the passenger compartments are divided into several spaces and are painted in different colours and, of course, the warmwhite LEDs generate a pleasant interior ambience. Of course the headlights can be switched according to prototype rules. The metal pantographs can be smoothly raised and lowered by high quality ESU servos. These movements are accompanied by original sound effects. The maximum height to which the pantograph is raised can be digitally adjusted. There is a powerful seven-pole Bühler motor in each bogie. Low-wear power transmission is facilitated by ball-bearing shafts to both axles of the bogies. The axles with their rustproof wheels are also set in ball bearings. The three-point support of the bogies assures permanent contact of the wheels with the tracks and thus reliable current collection. Nevertheless, the ESU LokSound XL V4.0 digital decoder will be supported by a “PowerPack” energy storage ex works, which guarantees reliable current collection even on the dirtiest tracks you can imagine. The digital equipment with several new acoustic functions creates a totally new experience of your garden railway. The powerful original sound is emitted by 50mm speaker complete with enclosure.  In curves, newly designed sensors facilitate the generation of prototypical squealing sounds subject to the speed. The rail car is equipped with LGB® compatible couplers.

Model ESU LokSound XL V4.0 decoder with integral PowerPack
  Compatible with LGB® MZS and Massoth®
  Automatic registration with RailComPlus® and mfx® command stations
  Lighting with warmwhite LEDs
  Length over buffers 69cm
  Minimum radius 600mm

Ordering information

  Art.No. Description Delivery
  30135 Pullman IIm, RHB railcar ABe 4/4 II, No. 41, trimline in silver, epoch V on stock
  30136 Pullman IIm, RHB railcar ABe 4/4 II, No. 42, trimline in silver, epoch V on stock
  30138 Pullman IIm, RHB railcar ABe 4/4 II, No. 45, golden trimline, epoch III on stock