Repair service fees

Within 3 years from the date of purchase, we will repair defect ESU products which are no longer covered by warranty.

Prerequisites for this are that faulty products are sent within 3 years after date of purchase and the original proof of puchase (receipt) is enclosed. The repair service only applies to ESU products that are bought from ESU dealers and do not apply to decoders that have been installed ex factory.

For decoders or LokProgrammer devices older than 3 years after date of purchase or without receipt, you are still able get a new ESU product. Check our exchange fees.


LokPilot Basic/Standard Repair service 12,50 €
LokPilot V4.0 (H0) Repair service 19,08 €
LokPilot V4.0 (N) Repair service 23,21 €
LokPilot Fx V4.0 Repair service 12,50 €
LokPilot Nano Repair service 23,21 €
LokPilot Fx Nano Repair service 23,21 €


LokSound 5 (N, H0) Repair service 35,00 €
LokSound 5 L (H0, 0) ReRepair service 50,00 €
LokSound 5 XL Repair service 55,00 €
LokSound V4.0 (N, H0, M4) Repair service 35,00 €
LokSound L V4.0 (H0, 0) ReRepair service 45,00 €
LokSound XL V4.0 Repair service 55,00 €


LokProgrammer 53451 Repair service 35,00 €

Decoder Tester

Decoder Tester Repair service 24,42 €

Interiour lighting set

Lighting set Analog (H0) Repair service 9,50 €
lighting set Digital (H0) Repair service 12,50 €
Lighting set (Large Scale) Repair service 27,50 €

Exchange fee decoders, LokProgrammer

Defect ESU decoders or LokProgrammer devices which are older than 3 years after date of purchase can be exchanged against the latest decoder, respectively LokProgrammer in return of an exchange free. The exchange fee is valid for either defect decoders or also functionable "OEM" decoders.

The exchange fee will be also charged for decoders or LokProgrammers sent in without proof of purchase.

The exchange fee is only valid for the decoders mentioned down below:


LokPilot (H0, M4) V1.0 - V4.0 Exchange fee 20,23 €
LokPilot (N) V2.0 - V4.0 Exchange fee 28,56 €
LokPilot XL V1.0 - V3.0 Exchange fee 49,00 €


LokSound (H0, N) V1.0 - V3.5 Exchange fee 87,61 €
LokSound L V4.0 Exchange fee 97,58 €
LokSound XL V1.0 - V3.5 Exchange fee 162,91 €


LokProgrammer 53451 Exchange fee 39,26 €