ECoS power supply

The newly developed and very powerful power pack 50119 is intended as THE power pack for all ESU ECoS command stations and the ECoSBoost booster. Due to its performance data it is also the ideal power source for any electric accessories for your model trains that require DC power.

The output voltage can be continually adjusted between 15V and 21V and remains stable under load. The output current may be as high as 7A. An integral, temperature controlled fan provides cooling, if necessary. The power pack automatically switches off in case of a short circuit or overload and restarts once the overload has been eliminated. The power pack is suitable for well ventilated interior spaces.

Ordering information

  Art.No. Description Delivery
  50119 power supply Input 100-240VAC, Output 15-21VDC/7A, 150VA, EURO + US power cord