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We are proud to present to you today our ECoS digital Central Unit. ECoS is not just another digital Central Unit on the market: ECoS is the first stepping stone to a comprehensive Control-system, which, with new concepts, will address the subject of model railroad control systems, and revolutionize it. Never was it simpler to run a model railroad. Right away an important message for all the Pro's: In spite of the entire new innovations we made ECoS compatible with all already existing systems: You can continue to use your present equipment. Now. Promised. Discover the fascinating possibilities of the ECoS Central-Station on the following pages. But take heed: ECoS performance is so good, that even we had to reread a few passages, to believe it...


ECoS Features

The ECoS Central Unit is the first digital Command Station with our name. With ECoS we want to continue consequently in the same direction we started out with more than seven years ago with our digital decoders. You may rightly expect more from an ESU-digital Command Station from the house of ESU. From the beginning we wanted to be open to, and compatible with, present systems and norms. Just as the first LokSound decoder was a Multi protocol decoder, ECoS is also enormously flexible: As a Multi protocol Central Unit, ECoS supports the formats DCC, Märklin®-Motorola® and Selectrix®, which means you can continue to use nearly all of your present loco decoders.

With ECoS you can run locos: Via two integrated Cabs with large, easy grasp motor driven (!) throttle knobs and eight precise click-function keys you control your locos. In combination with the touch screen, you can control up to 20 functions per engine. With ECOS you can run multi-traction units (consists). Combine any number of individual locos to a consist and control them together.

With ECoS you can switch turnouts and magneticdriven accessories: Via a large, graphic switchboard you have access to up to 1420 turnouts (DCC or Motorola® format).

With ECoS you can lay out, and control routes: Simply put turnouts and magnetic accessories graphically in groups and switch them together. Routes will be activated either by s88 occupancy detectors or by key.

With ECoS you can operate shuttle trains real easy: Put a s88 rail contact at both ends of the track, and ECoS will do the rest.

The ECoS built-in booster has so much power that in most cases you don't need additional ones. ECoS supports EcoSlink, a high speed system bus, based on CAN that transmits data instantaneously to the command station.

With ECoS, it's as simple as never before to program your decoders: The large, background-illuminated LCD screen offers good contrast and displays a lot of information in unabbreviated text. A programming track establishes contact with your decoders.

With ECoS, the new NMRA DCC duplex Communication is already built-in: Since autumn 2007 RailCom® is, on the part of software, activated and offers the possibility to read out appropriate decoders, e. g. our LokPilot V3.0, directly on the main track. Also the stand of switches can be reported to the ECoS station (via the SwitchPilot).

Besides Selectrix® and Märklin®- Motorola®, ECoS speaks all variants of the DCC-Norm. With the integrated Analog Controllers (Joysticks) you can even control the whistle of LocoSound decoders as precise as never before. ECoS is expandable. Each ECoS Central Unit sports a network port for connection with a computer. Thus can update software, or use a computer for operation.


Who ECoS needs

ECoS is basically the central station for all. Beginners, who are looking for a simple-to-operate Cab, will be at home right away: The large, graphic touch screen display shows all information in plain text; in case of doubt use the integrated help function. Never was it easier to switch to digital control. And ECoS runs DC or AC driven trains. Even model railroaders, who own already a digital command station, should step up to ECoS: Next to the extreme simple inputs, and the possibilities for route and shuttle train programming, you will learn to appreciate the manifold programming features for decoders. You can connect your present equipment to the input of EcoSniffer, and continue to use it: You don't need to discard anything that you want to keep using! Due to its enormous output-performance, the ECoS Central Station is recommended especially also for operators of Gauge 1 or LGB layouts: At last you can run multiple trains without an external booster. Total interplay with our LokSound XL V3.5 decoders is matter-of-fact.