This linear servo with dimensions 26mm x 22.5mm x 10.8mm is primarily intended for installation in electric locomotives in order to subsequently make the pantographs raised and lowered. The mechanics enable very quiet, smooth running and avoid the noise produced by commercially available servos. The servos radius of movement is approx. 4.5 mm. As is usual with ESU servos, the electronics have been optimized for use in model railway systems: the “start-up twitching” has been eliminated, as has the “humming” under load. The servo can be controlled either with LokSound 5 or LokPilot 5 decoders (both decoders generate the required control impulse) or alternatively used at your own discretion on a model railway system to switch switches or gates. In this case we recommend the SwitchPilot Servo for control.


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  51806 Linear Servo, movement 4.5 mm, with microcontroller, 30cm wire,with fittings accessories