Locomotive categories

As from firmware 3.6.1. each locomotive can be assigned to 4 locomotive categories. In total there are 16 locomotive categories. You may name each category as you wish.

For instance

  • Freight train
  • Commuter train
  • Express train
  • Maintenance train

Thus it is possible to determine the character of each locomotive (respectively of the train hauled by that particular locomotive).

This information may be used as a condition for triggering certain routes. For this purpose the condition logic has been expanded accordingly. The corresponding categories are established for each address that is reported via RailCom from a track sector and are transferred to the analysis logic.

Thus it is possible to divert a freight train onto a different route instead of through the yard (by switching a suitable route, as soon as a freight train approaches the yard), while express trains are directed to the main track in the yard and commuter trains will travel to a secondary track in the yard.

In order to facilitate these features you must have installed firmware version 3.6.1. or higher on your ECoS.


First you must rename the 16 locomotive categories. This is achieved in a new set-up menu.

Select the desired category from the list and then push the keyboard symbol in order to open the renaming process. There is no specific sequence or priority for choosing the names.

Now you can assign each locomotive individually to the desired category. Up to 4 categories may be selected for each locomotive: You will find another symbol in the tab "Properties" in the “Locomotive” menu. Select the desired categories.


Now the locomotive addresses (and thus categories) detected by the ECoSDetector in the appropriate track sector can be utilised as a condition for switching routes. The menu is expanded accordingly for this purpose.

Select “Locomotive category” as a type of switching condition and select the desired feedback input and port. You may only choose RailCom supporting feedback ports.

Select the desired categories. You may choose up to three categories that may be alternatively named (disjunction).

The route will only be switched if all conditions are met. Should you wish to work with the categories then it is essential to install RailCom capable decoders in your locomotives. Otherwise no address and therefore no category can be detected.