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If wish to use all possible functions on our website (especially our ESU webforum) it is essential for your to register. The registration and the use of our website is totally free of charge. You can register if you accept the forum´s rules in its entirety and also stick to it. You can delete your account at any time. If you intend to do so, please send a private message from your user account to one of our ESU staff members.

  • Offering After having registered you will be given access to the private pages of our ESU website, which lately include some download pages and the ESU support webforum. This area is to be extended in the near future. The access is free of charge at any time.
  • The ESU support webforum
    • In our ESU support webforum you are able to ask all kind of technical questions regarding our ESU products. However, the forum is the wrong place for discussing general model railroad topics. Therefore we reserve our right to delete respective comments if necessary.
    • Chose your subject Please chose a significant subject line for your question which includes a short description of your request. 
    • Content of support requests: Please indicate the following to make a quick reply for your request possible: 
      • The software and hardware version of your product.
      • The exact circumstances in which the disfunction occurs.
    • Support requests via email or private messages Please pose your technical questions primarily in our support forum.                                                                                          If the ESU support team sends you solutions via email or private messages, you can, of course, use them to solve the problem. However, unsolicited email requests or private messages will be ignored.
    • Netiquette | Behaviour Any insults against other forum members, hosts or administrators are strictly forbidden. In our forum, netiquette is valid! Further information regarding "netiquette" can be found here: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netiquette
    • Advertisement Commercial advertisement in this forum is forbidden. This also includes links in signatures which lead to commercial websites.
    • Avatars | Signatures Pictures of persons are only permitted as avatars when the picture really shows the user himself/herself. It is not allowed to use other users´ avatars for yourself. Avatars and signatures, which pretend an offical function of "electronic solutions ulm", are forbidden.
    • Alienation The administrators and hosts of this forum try to deal with or even delete requests with dubious contents as soon as possible. We ask for your kind understanding that it is impossible to check every single message. By participating in the ESU forum, you accept the fact that every comment reflects the author´s opinion. The administrators, hosts and operators of this forum are only responsible for their own comments.
    • Function "Report" Please use this function only if you assume a violation of existing law or a breach of the forum´s rules.
    • Recording your IP address We record time, date and IP address of the author for every comment posted. This data is only visible for the administrator.
    • Consent form  When your registration is completed, you give your consent not to abuse the ESU forum for obscenties, vulgarism, insults, propaganda of (extreme) political views or the violation of existing law. Therefore you entitle the administrators and hosts of the forum to delete, change, adjust or block comments in their sole discretion as well as to block or delete your account, if necessary. Furthermore you accept the rules of the forum in all issues and you strive to observe them.
  • Storage of data | Data security We take the security of your personal data very seriously. All data that is essential for the registration is safed in our DP systems and are kept in confidence. This data will never be transmitted to a third party.
  • Cookies This system uses cookies to safe information on your computer. These cookies do not content the above-mentioned information, but they might facilitate things. Your email address is only used for the confirmation of your registration and, if applicable, for sending you a new password.
  • Amendments regarding the terms of use Future amendments regarding the terms of use are binding. These will be published on our website.
  • Legislation  The respectively current legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid.

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