LokProgrammer - Instruction manuals

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  • Quick Start Guide LokProgrammer

    Language: , Date: 01.03.12, Version: 2. Edition

    Updated quick start guide for LokProgrammer: Hardware version V3.0

    Software version 2.x.x.

    Software version 4.x.x.

    This is only small amount of information about the product. The complete manual of the LokProgrammer is to be found on the included DVD.

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  • Reference manual for LokProgrammer

    Language: , Date: 01.04.09, Version: 1. Edition

    The reference manual for LokProgrammer no. 53450, 53451 Learn on 36 pages how to use the LokProgrammer as a powerful tool to edit sounds and modify ESU decoders.

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