"Service - For us more than just a promise"

A comprehensive customer service also means for us to keep you steadily informed about news and updates. Please check our download section for instruction manuals, additional information and catalogues about our products. Furthermore we offer a variety of sounds for free download. Help yourself!

  • Sound files

    This section is a true repertory for fans of sound: Rummage in our steadily growing fund of originial sounds. Fore sure there will also be an appropriate sound for your locomotive.

  • Firmware and software

    Here you can download the latest LokProgrammer software as well as the recent firmware for our decoders.

  • Instruction manuals

    You need further information? Here you will find the instruction manuals for all our products. Find out what ESU products achieve, even before purchase...

  • Loco Icon Bazaar

    Here you are able to download free loco icons for your ECoS or provide your self-created images to other ECoS users.

  • Catalogues

    Of course you can see over our catalogues online or even print it.