As a customer-oriented company we are very interested in receiving any comments, ideas about improvement and product enquiries: Only with the help of your response we are able to improve our products!

You can reach us via email, fax, post or telephone. We try to answer all kind of messages promptly, but please understand that for some cases it could take some more time to answer it.

If you have any further questions regarding our products, your ESU retailer will give you advise. He will help you to find a good solution for your problem.


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    Sending an email is the easiest and quickest way to contact us: To grant you a prompt and smooth response we decided to develop a special email assistant: depending on what kind of email you like to send, the assistant will ask you to make different indications. Please make sure that your email address is correct, otherwise we are not able to answer you.

Technical support

For Germany and Europe:

Fax: +49 (0) 731 - 1 84 78 - 299

For technical questions please also contact our support web forum!

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For USA, Canada & Australia:

Tuesday, Thursday 10am - 1pm (EST)

Phone: +1 570-980-1982

Fax: +1 866-591-6440

Mail and telephone

Of course you can reach us via post, fax or telephone:

ESU electronic solutions ulm GmbH & Co. KG

Edisonallee 29

D-89231 Neu-Ulm

Tel.: +49 (0) 731 - 1 84 78 - 0

Fax: +49 (0) 731 - 1 84 78 - 299

(Office hours: Monday - Friday: 10am - 12pm)


For the USA, Canada & Australia:


1304 Jordan Ave

Montoursville Pennsylvania 17754


Phone +1 570-980-1980 (Sales)

Fax +1 866-591-6440

(Office hours: Monday through Friday, 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 3pm (EST))