The ESU Loco Icon Bazaar

If you upload your own loco images or download the provided loco images of other users you accept bindingly the following terms of usage:

  1. The ESU Loco Icon Bazaar is exclusively meant for sharing loco images for the digital command stations ECoS 50200, ECoS 50000 or Central Station Reloaded.
  2. You hold the copyright for every image which has been uploaded by you on our server and confirm that its publication is legal.
  3. You only provide images which can be used for the ECoS or Cental Station Reloaded (e.g. locomotives traction units, waggons, etc.).
  4. The upload of offensive or the like contents is strictly vorbidden!
  5. The downloaded images are used for private purposes only. The images must not be used for commercial purposes!
  6. For any publication on other plattforms (internet forums, etc.), the needs authorization of the author is obligate. For contacting purpose, the author's name (ESU community log in name) is shown next to the image.
  7. The offered images must not be modified without the agreement of the author (e.g. for the use in combination with other command stations).
  8. ESU assumes no liability, neither for the quality of the uploaded images nor for any kind of litigation caused by the use of the ESU Loco Icon Bazaar.