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The sounds offered can only be opened with the new LokProgrammer software version 2.6.6. Please update your software first.

LokSound ex works

Many manufacturers of model railway offer LokSound ex works. These decoders are perfectly adapted to the locos. Here you can download the projects for it.

Please note

Not every manufacturer allows us to publish their project files. In the case you need a project file which is not listed, please refer to the manufacturers directly. 

The sounds offered can only be opened with the new LokProgrammer software version 2.6.6. Please update your software first.


Art.No. Name Description Download Details
17400V320 Diesel-hydraulic locomotive V320, 2x MTU MB 16 V 652 TB 10 engines Download
17401S 2/6 steam locomotive Bavarian S 2/6; express train locomotive; 4-4-4; 4 cylinders Download
17402V320 Diesel-hydraulische Lok, Version 2 für Doppeltraktion Download
17403BR06 standard locomotive type 06; 4-8-4; 3 cylinders Download
17404Württeembergische T5 steam locomotive, type 2-6-2; aka DRG BR75 Download
17405G 4/5 steam loco G 4/5 H of the Royal Bavarian State Railroad, aka DRG BR 56.8; type 2-8-0, 4 cylinders Download
17406Baureihe 19.10 experimental steam locomotive, tyoe 2-8-2 with 8 cylinders at 4 single steam engines, single axles drive Download
17407Hh Steam locomotive class Hh of the Royal Württembergian State Railroad, Type 0-10-0 Download
17408E73 electric locomotive EG1 of the Royal Bavarian Stat Railroad, aka E73 Download
17409Talent Electric Railcar ÖBB Talent BR 4024 Download
17410DR V100 Diesel switcher; DR V100 with 12 cylinders/4 stroke MWJ-engine, today's DB type 204 Download
17411ET 65 Electric Railcar ET 65 Download
17412BR 18 Steam locomotive, type BR 14 / S9 (4-4-2, 4 cylinders) Download
17413BR 94/Tn Steam tender locomotive 0-10-0, 2 cylinders Download
17414BR 232 Diesel-electric locomotive of Russian origin BR132/232 "Ludmilla" Download
17415Brawa BR119 Diesel-hydraulic locomotive DR BR 119 (DBAG BR 219, 229) Download
17416V160 diesel hydraulic Diesel loco, B'B' type Download
17417BR 644 Talent Diesel-Railcar BR 644 "Talent" Download
17418ET 426 Commuter train Download
17419BR 06, new sound version standard locomotive type 06; 4-8-4; 3 cylinders Download
17422BR 232 Diesel locomotive DB BR 232; version with special light control Download
17423Brawa BR119 Diesel-hydraulic locomotive DR BR 119 (DBAG BR 219, 229); special light control Download
17424BR 74 steam locomotive BR74/T11 Download
17425BR 41 coal Polish steam locomotive PKP Pt31 Download
17428ET89 Electric railcar ET 89 of the DB (Rübezahl) Download


Art.No. Name Description Download Details
70400Koef3 Diesel Shunting locomotive Download
70503BR 64 Standard tender locomotive BR64 type 2-6-2, 2 cylinders Download


Art.No. Name Description Download Details

hobby trade

Art.No. Name Description Download Details
97401DSB ME Diesellok DSB ME Download
97404DSB MZ IV Diesel electric locomotive MZ IV Download
97405DSB MZ I Diesel electric locomotive MZ I Download
97406DSB MZ II Diesel-electric locomotive MZ II Download
97407ME 26 Diesel locomotive Siemens / MaK Me 26, engine also on NSB Di 6 and NOB DE2700; based on MaK DE 1024; MaK 12 M 282 V12-engine Download
97408DSB MO Diesel railcar MO Download
97410NSB Di6 Diesel electric locomtive NSB Di6, also suitable for Me26 Download
97411D-maskine steam locomotive DSB D Download
97412DSB MT Diesel shunting locomotive DSB MT Download


Art.No. Name Description Download Details
92420RENFE 2200 RENFE series 2200 steam coal burning locomotive equipped with stoker Download
92425RENFE 7100 NORTE and RENFE 1500V electric locomotives Download
92426Württeembergische T5 RENFE 242T ex ESTADO steam oil burning tank locomotive Download
92427RENFE TAF RENFE TAF and CP FOGUETE diesel trains Download
92430Württeembergische T5 RENFE 242T ex ESTADO steam coal burning tank locomotive Download
92828EMU 600 RENFE electric multiple unit series UT600 Download


Art.No. Name Description Download Details
20406Class 77 Diesel-electric locomotive Vossloh Class 77 Download
20407G2000 Diesel locomotive G 2000 Download
20408Class 66 Diesel locomotive Class 66 Download
20409Blue Tiger Diesel electric loco Blue Tiger, GE-engine Download
20410Santa Fe 2-10-2 steam loco Santa Fe 2-10-2 Download
20411Eurosprinter Siemens Eurosprinter ES64P001 Download
20412Class 51 SNCB / NMBS diesel-electric locomotive Reeks 51, Cockeril engine Download
20414DMU 41 Diesel railcar SNCB / NMBS DMU 41 Download
20415LINT 41 Diesel railcar LINT 41 Download
20416HLE 26 Belgische Standard E-Lok SNCB / NMBS HLE 26 Download
20417G1206 MaK Vossloh G1206, diesel-electric engine Download
20418BB 427000 SNCF BB 472000, Alstom engine Download
20419Blue Tiger II Diesel-elektric locomotive Blue Tiger with General Electric GE 7FDL12 engine Download
20420BR 210 diesel-hydraulic locomotive DB type 210 Download
20421G 1700 BB Diesel-elektrische Lok MaK Vossloh G1700 BB Download
20422D333 Spanish diesel-electric locomotive for freight trains Download

P.C.M. Precision Craft Models

Art.No. Name Description Download Details
24400EMD E7 Diesel-electric locomotive EMD E7, 12 Cylinders Download
25401Galloping Goose Railcar "Galloping Goose" by the Rio Grande Southern Railroad Download
25402ACLO PA Diesel-electric locomotive, ALCO PA with ALCO 244 V16 turbocharged engine Download
25403Y6B Articulated steam locomotive Y6B, 2-8-8-2 Download
25404FA / FB Diesel-electric locomotive FA / FB with ALCO 244 12 cylinders engine on each unit Download
25405Big Boy Articulated steam locomotive "Union Pacific Big Boy", 4-8-8-4 Download
25406Big Boy Brass version Articulated steam locomotive "Union Pacific Big Boy", 4-8-8-4, configurations for PCM brass model Download
25407F3 A,B Diesel-electric locomotive EMD F3 with EMD 567-12 engine Download
25408Reading T1 Steam locomotive Reading T1, 4-8-4 Download
25409SD 7 / SD 9 Diesel-Electric locomotive EMD SD7 / 9, EMD 567-16 engine Download
25410Baureihe 01 Standard express train locomotive, type 4-6-2, 2 cylinders Download
25422EMD E8 Diesel-electric locomotive EMD E8 with EMD 567-16 engine Download


Art.No. Name Description Download Details
10428ÖBB 1044 Standard electric locomotive ÖBB 1044 Download
10430BR 01.5 steam locomotive DB type 01.5 Download
1043468000 diesel locomotive SNCF 68000, Sulzer-engine Download
1043568500 Diesel locomotive SNCF 68500, AGO-engine Download
10436Taigatrommel Diesel-electric locomotive DR BR120 (Taigadrum) Download
10437DI 3 Diesel locomotive NSB Di3 Download
11401MZ Diesel-electric locomotive DSB MZ Download
11402X2800 Diesel railcar SNCF X2800 Download
11403MY Diesel-electric locomotive DSB MY Download
11404DM3-1200 old type electric locomotive DM3-1200 Download
11406Reeks 52 Diesel-electric locomotive SNCB / NMBS Reeks 52 Download
11407BR03-10 standard express train locomotive 03.10, 4-6-2; 3 cylinders Download
11408D319 electric loco RENFE D319 Download
11409V200 Diesel-hydraulic locomotive V200 Download
11410ÖBB 2043 standard Diesel locomotive ÖBB 2043 Download
11412S 3/6 Dampflok S3/6 Download
11413Taigatrommel DR Baureihe 120 "Taigatrommel" Download
11414D333 Diesel locomotive RENFE D333 Download
11415BR 232 Ludmilla Diesel-electric locomotive DB type 232 "Ludmilla" Download
11416BR 03.10 Baureihe 03.10, Standard express train locomotive; type 4-6-2, 3 cylinders Download
11417Reeks 20 electric locomotive Belgian SNCB / NMBS Reeks 20 Download
11418E250 electric locomotive RENFE E250 Download
11419VT11.5 TEE VT11.5 / Lyntog Download
11421RAm TEE RAm / Northlander Download
11422VT98 old-type railbus VT98; gear switches Download
11425BR01.5 Baureihe 01.5 Interzonenzug Download
11426Baureihe 01 war locomotive, type 2-10-0, 2 cylinders Download
11428E 1000 Old type electric locomotive RENFE E 1000 Download
11429Electric locomotive SJ Da Electric locomotive SJ Da Download
11437CSD 754 Diesellocomotive CSD Rh 754 "Diving Goggles" Download
114392016 with noise absorber Diesel locomotive ÖBB 2016 with sound absorber Download
11440RAm TEE RAm / Northlander; version w/o bell Download
11441SNCF 68000 SNCF 68000 with diesel-elektric engine by Sulzer Download
11445SNCF 231 Nord steam locomotive SNCF 231 Nord Download
11446ÖBB 1245 electric freight train locomotive ÖBB 1245, also BBÖ 1170.2 Download
11449HLD 6000 SNCB/NMBS HLD 6000 Download
11838Taigatrommel LokSound micro for DR Baureihe 120 "Taigatrommel" TT gauge Download