LokProgrammer Software 5.1.4. available


From now on the LokProgrammer software is 5.1.4. available.

The new firmware 5.4.139 for the LokSound 5 and LokPilot 5 decoders adds three new CVs: using CV 114, the fade-in time can be defined, CV 115 controls the fade-out time for function outputs (of course only if "dimmable headlight (fade in/out)" was selected). By CV 131 you can now set the brightness that should be set when the logical function "dimmer" is active (previously it was always a fixed 50%).
On servo outputs, the servo impulse can now remain active when the end position is reached. This is useful for some digital couplings.

The LokSound 5 micro E24 DCC has now been renamed its "real" name LokSound 5 nano DCC.
And last but not least, support for the LokPilot 5 Basic is included in the software for the first time.


The new software is available in the Download section