LokProgrammer Software 5.1.9 published


From now, LokProgrammer Software 5.1.9. is ready for download.

Software 5.1.9. contains Firmware 5.6.143 for LokSound 5 and LokPilot 5 decoders. The only change is to fix a bug in the initialization of the SUSI interface on decoders using Next 18 interface. It could happen that SUSI modules do not work or freeze after some bad track contact. This is in particular true for Mabar's SBB TM 232 shunting locomotive. This is equipped with a LokSound 5 micro decoder and also a SUSI module to control the lights.

Please update your LokProgrammer to version 5.1.9. and perform a Firmware update on these locomotives. To do you, please download the project files 90815 or 90615 from our Project website first, then write the CV data again. By writing the CV data, the Firmwareupgrade is done automatically. There is no need to rewrite the entire sound.