LokProgrammer Software 5.2.1 and 11 new sound projects published


From now, LokProgrammer Software 5.2.1. is ready for download.

Software 5.2.1. contains Firmware 5.6.145 for LokSound 5 and LokPilot 5 decoders. This support new silicium revisons of the ARM controller we are using on the decoders. Further, the .NET framework is upgraded to version 4.8. This means that the LokProgrammer requires at lest Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) in the future. There is no longer Windows XP support. The new LokSound 5 micro DCC Direct Atlas Legacy decoder is also supported from this version.

The software supports Programming on the Main ("POM") in the CV read / write menu and the decoder tester menu now. This allows to write CVs while testing the functions more easily now.

We have also released 11 (!) brand new sound projects for popular german and european prototypes. As usual, you can download these from our Project website free of charge and have your locomotives sound better than ever. Enjoy LokSound 5!