LokProgrammer Software 5.2.4 published


From now, the new LokProgrammer Software 5.2.4. is available for download.

The new LokProgrammer Software 5.2.4. contains firmware 5.8.156 for all LokSound 5 decoders. This firmware defines a new "Class Light Logic" function, which allows you to cycle through 2 or 3 lights one after the other using the same function key. CV199=1 or 2 defines the number of lights (2 or 3). Each class light color is assigned an AUX output and the "sequence position" to which each color appears can be set with CV32=0 and then adjusting CV258 to values of 64, 128, or 192 accordingly. Of course this is easiest set by using the LokProgrammer software in the function outputs window.  Furthermore, the "alternative phase" for flashing effects has been replaced by the "phase shift" so that the starting point of the output can be freely shifted, no longer do alternating lights need to be in exact opposite phase with each other. Sensors 1 and 2 can now alternatively be defined as analog inputs (provided the locomotive's motherboard supports this). In addition, Dynamic Sound Control has been released for the first time, which enables a load-dependent sound using our Primary Load and Optional Load functionality. This feature is currently intended for LokSound users who are keen to experiment. We will provide further information very soon in the ESU forum.