LokProgrammer Software 5.2.5 published - Tone Control for LokSound 5


The new LokProgrammer software 5.2.5 is now available for download. This includes firmware 5.9.159 for all LokSound 5 decoders. For the first time, it is now possible to adjust the desired acoustics to the speaker installed there using bass and treble control. Similar to what you are used to with a stereo system, the sound can be easily adjusted using just two controls (here: CV 196 for bass, CV 197 for treble).

This makes the use of the new ESU loudspeakers with passive radiator technology (ESU 50344 or 50345) even more perfect!

And the best thing about it: The new tone control is implemented solely in the decoder's firmware. All you need to do is update the decoder's firmware; the sound files themselves do not need to be changed or reinstalled. This is advantageous for customers who do not have the original project file available.

Instructions on how to do the whole thing can be found in the Tips & Tricks section.