New LokSound Select Sound File Released "F40PH"


NEW F40PH Sound!
Attention on the platform!...The "Screaming Thunderbox" has now arrived on the LokSound Select Download page! 
The EMD F40PH sound was made from actual F40PH recordings! This is not a SD40-2 or GP40-2 recording that runs in notch 8!!!
Features of the decoder:
HEP mode - while supplying power to the train.
Stand-By mode - for in station use
Isolate mode - For use with 2 Engines or while switching

Brand New K5LA Horn
Air and Electronic Bell
Low Idle - goes up and down with random air compressor
New random radiator fan sound
And much more......

Warning: This sound is loud and obnoxious! You're going to love it!

Yet another prime example of "Sound...Super-Detailed"!