LokProgrammer Software 4.7.1. available


After intensive (public) beta testing, we are happy to announce that Version 4.7.1 of our LokProgrammer software is available for download now. We fixed multiple bugs. Additional information you can find in the readme File.

We have also added LokProgrammer support for the New Essential Sound Unit decoder used in Walthers and ScaleTrains Locomotives. This support does include Firmware updates and CV Changes ONLY. There is no provision to update sound files on the Essential Sound Unit. Firmware 5-0-18 is include to fix a consisting and POM addressing bug. To perform the firmware update, simply read the E.S.U. decoder with the software and then write the same information back to the decoder. The LokProgrammer software will automatically complete the needed firmware update.

We highly recommend this version to all customers.