LokProgrammer Software 4.4.15 released


From now on, LokProgrammer Software 4.4.15 is available for download. We fixed some bugs of the former version. This guarantees the solid function of the firmware upgrade and cuts out the mistakes which appeared with LokSound XL V4.0 decoder.


In addition, we are proud to announce the release of the firmware 4.12.9186 for all LokSound decoder and the desired “SUSI”-Mapping is available now. See the tab “Compatibility” in the LokProgammer software, you have now the possibility to modify the function keys information sent to a connected SUSI-module. So far, the physically pressed f-key number on the control panel has been sent. This is useful in conjunction with Märklin® and Trix® function modules, because they are not programmable.


Furthermore it’s possible to upgrade the SwitchPilot V2.0 and SwitchPilot Servo 2.0 to Version 2.0.1160. This reduces the number of sent impulses. Older analogue servos can proper operate now with the fast pulse sequence.