LokProgrammer software 4.1.5 with firmware 4.3.9008 online


From now on the new LokProgrammer Software 4.1.5. is available for download. This version fixes several bugs with the import assistant that makes LokSound V3.5 files ready for the use on LokSound V4.0 decoders. It also comes with firmware 4.3.9008 for all LokPilot V4.0 and LokSound V4.0 decoders. After the installation of this software each of the previously mentioned decoders is able to install a new operating software via "Extras" - "Update decoder firmware".
The following list shows the new functions and changes since software version 4.1.4:

New Features:

  • Per default decoder settings (CVs) get written on the decoder while writing sound data.
  • The software now saves whether default values should be written on the decoder or not
  • Added support for KM1 Smoke Unit


  • Mute function has not been converted from LokSound V3.x to LokSound V4.0
  • Converted fan sound has not started and ended correctly
  • Sound speed hs not been adjusten on converted diesel mechanical locos
  • Software could freeze while converting an .esu file containing a zero length wave file.
  • "Stop sound" has not been converted correctly


  • Improved description of the manual notching function
  • Changed smoke unit description to clarify if the setting targets the ESU or Seuthe smoke unit
  • User interface controls will get loaded on first use
  • Increased speed of decoder detection
  • Changing short DCC Address to a valid value when programming a long DCC Address
  • Startup wizard items are now ordered like in LokProgrammer 2.x.x

Decoder firmware 4.3.9008:

  • Improved driving characteristics in analogue mode