LokProgrammer software 4.1.4. with firmware 4.3.8991 online


From now on the new LokProgrammer Software 4.1.4. is available for download. This version fixes several bugs with the import assistant that makes LokSound V3.5 files ready for the use on LokSound V4.0 decoders. It also comes with firmware 4.3.8991 for all LokPilot V4.0 and LokSound V4.0 decoders. After the installation of this software each of the previously mentioned decoders is able to install a new operating software via "Extras" - "Update decoder firmware". The following important new functions are now available:

  • Improved load control für HAG and Märklin motors
  • ABC Reduced speed - with the new CV 123 the "slow driving speed" can be set
  • SUSI CV programming

After the firmware update you should set the following values for the Märklin LFC and SFC motors:

    CV2      : 4
    CV52    : 30
    CV53    : 50
    CV54    : 40
    CV55    : 175
    CV56    : 200

For HAG motors we recommend the following values:

    CV2      : 4
    CV52    : 15
    CV53    : 100
    CV54    : 40
    CV55    : 175
    CV56    : 200

For all other motor types please use the values as mentioned and described in the manual of the decoder.