• LokProgrammer Software 4.3 Now Available! "Now includes Manual Notching!"


    The new LokProgrammer version 4.3 is now available for download. This update includes the firmware for adding manual notching to Loksound Select and LokSound 4.0 Decoders. This update is highly recommended to all users.


  • New LokSound Select Sound "Alco_16-251"


    The Alco 16-251 LokSound Select Sound is now available for download!

    The website was just updated with our NEW ALCo 16 CYl 251 Sound! This file has all kinds of options too! Proper Air Start or Electric Start, Separate Turbo Sounds with volume control. And an Awesome new M3H horn for all you Canadian Modelers! [...]

  • New LokSound Select Sound "MP40PH-3C"


    The EMD MP40PH-3C LokSound Select Sound is now available for download!


  • New LokSound Select Sound "SD38-2"


    The EMD 16-645 Non-Turbo LokSound Select Sound is now available for download!

  • ESU English catalogue 2012 online


    We have just published our new English Product Overview 2012 in our download area. Look forward with us to our new LokSound V4.0 M4 decoder, the LokSound XL V4.0 decoder and many more, as well as new useful accessories.

  • New firmware update tool available


    Our new firmware update tool V2.0 will be now available for download in the download area of our website. With the update it is possible to upgrade all older ESU decoders as well as the ECoSControl Radio - also with Windows 7!

  • ECoS Software 3.4.3 released


    Today we may announce the release of software 3.4.3. for ECoS 50200, ECoS 50000 as well as the Central Station 60212 "Reloaded". The focus of this version´s development was to make the ECoS platform even more stable. Countless bugs and problems have been fixed. Beyond that we have also included important and currently demanded functions. The shuttle train mode can thus be extended by [...]

  • ECoSBoost manual online


    The English version of the new ECoSBoost instruction manual is now available for download.

    The ECoSBoost is the ideal extention for your ECoS or Central Station®, if you need more continuous-load output. The ECoSBoost is able to output DCC, Motorola®, Selectrix® and mfx®, depending on your command station. A RailCom® and mfx-feedback device is [...]

  • ECoSDetector manual online


    The English version of the new ECoSDetector instruction manual is now available for download.

    Our ECoSDetector feedback modules should be used to automate train operations. Beside the usual track occupancy detection, the train specific identification number can be read. It [...]

  • LokProgrammer Software 4.2.3 and Firmware 4.4 are now available for download.


    LokProgrammer Software 4.2.3 is now available for download. Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 is required. The .NET Framework will be installed automatically if the computer is connected to the internet. 
    Supported decoders:

    • LokPilot V4.0
    • LokPilot V4.0 DCC
    • LokPilot micro V4.0
    • LokPilot micro V4.0 [...]

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