CabControl ICU - Firmware

Here you can find the latest software for your CabControl system's ICU (Integrated Command Station)  Box. As explained in the users manual on page 24 (15.2. "CabControl ICU Update"), you need to unzip the new software and copy it to a USB stick in the subfolder \CabControlUpdate.

Note: You may also update your handheld throttle using the Mobile Control II Update software

  • Firmware update for CabControl ICU Box

    Language: , Date: 21.07.20, Version: 4.2.8

    Update Firmware file 4.2.8 for CabControl ICU Box. This adds support for ESU 50012 ECoSBoost. Please extract the .zip file to hard drive first, the included file (.bci) is needed for the update itself. Copy the (.bci) file to a blank USB stick that is FAT32 formatted into the subfolder \CabControlUpdate. Please refer to users manual for further explanations how to update.

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