Cross-product Firmware Update 2.3

Here you will find the ESU Firmware Update 2.3. With this programm you will be able to add new functions to your LokPilot and LokSound decoders as well as the ECoSControl Radio.

You will need the LokProgrammer to update your decoderĀ“s firmware.

Before you do so, you have to be sure that the LokSound decoder and the LokProgrammer communicate properly with each other. Please check this while starting the LokProgrammer software, reading out the CVs of the loco and then transmit new data onto the decoder. If any problems should occur in the meanwhile, it could help to remove the decoder from the loco to make an update.

Please note that all upgrades are carried out at your own risk. Any damages of the decoder, the corresponding locos or any other eqipment will not be accepted as a case of warranty. In the case of need we have to charge you for the repair of the decoder.

With the ESU firmware update 2.3 you are able to update the following products:


  • LokPilot V2.0
  • LokPilot V2.0 DCC
  • LokPilot M4
  • LokPilot micro
  • LokPilot ROCO
  • LokPilot V3.0
  • LokPilot V3.0 DCC
  • LokPilot V3.0 OEM
  • LokPilot micro V3.0
  • LokPilot XL V3.0
  • LokPilot Fx V3.0
  • LokPilot Fx micro V3.0
  • LokPilot V3.0 M4


  • LokSound V3.5 (V3.0)
  • LokSound micro V3.5
  • LokSound XL V3.5 (V3.0)
  • LokSound V3.0 M4
  • LokSound XL V3.0 M4

The program does NOT support any decoders of the 4th generation (neither LokSound V4.0 nor LokPilot V4.0)! Those decoders will be automatically updated by the LokProgrammer 4 software.

The program upgrades LokSound V3.0 decoders to LokSound V3.5 decoders.

ECoSControl Radio

The ESU firmware update 2.3 includes the firmware V1.2 for the ECoSControl Radio. Please note that you need to update both the station as well as the handheld throttle. An operation with different firmware versions is not possible.