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The sounds offered can only be opened with the new LokProgrammer software version 2.6.6. Please update your software first.

LokSound micro V3.5 - Electric locos

Art.No. Name Description Download Details
52861E40 electric loco E 40 Download
52869Ge 6/6 Swiss electric standard locomotive Download
52871Ce 6/8 swiss electric loco "Crocodile" Download
52873ÖBB Taurus ÖBB long-haul electric locomotive "Taurus"; the same sound as ÖBB 1016 and 1116 Download
52886Eurosprinter Siemens Dispolok, "Eurosprinter ES 64 P", Sound for BR 127, BR 152, BR 182 and BR189, RENFE S 252 and CP LE5600 Download
52890Straßenbahn old type street car Download
52892E18 electric locomotive; era II / III Download
52893ET 65 electric rail car ET 65 a.s.o. Download
53801HLE 13 SNCB/NMBS HLE 13 Belgian electric locomotive, engine by Alstom, aka "Reeks 13" or "Type 13" Download
53802Reeks 15 SNCB / NMBS Standard electric locomotive old Download
53803HLE 16 SNCB/SNCF HLE 16, old Belgian electric locomotive Download
53804HLE 20 SNCB / NMBS HLE 20, Belgian electric loco Download
53805Reeks 11, 12. 21, 27 SNCB / NMBS standard electric locomotive Download
53806HLE 23 SNCB / NMBS HLE 23 standard electric loco Download
53807SNCB / NMBS Reeks 26 Electric SNCB / NMBS Reeks 26 Download
53821BR420 Commuter train BR420 Download