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The sounds offered can only be opened with the new LokProgrammer software version 2.6.6. Please update your software first.

LokSound V3.0 M4 - Diesel locos

Art.No. Name Description Download Details
61451Firefighter loco V100 Diesel-locomotive with siren function Download
62430V36 dieselhydraulic old-type switcher V36 (Baureihe 236), 0-6-0, 6 cylinders Download
62431V60 dieselhydraulic switcher V60 (Baureihe 260/261), 0-6-0, 12 cylinders Maybach engine Download
62432V100 switcher and loco for light passenger and freight transport, 4 axles; V100, Baureihe 212 Download
62433BR 218 long-haul Diesel loco, 4 axles, 12 cylinders MTU engine Download
62434Bombardier Diesel basic Bombardier Diesel-Sound with belgian additional sounds Download
62436FP7 US Universal Diesel EMD FP7 freight- and passenger train locomotive Download
62437DR V100 Diesel switcher; DR V100 with 12 cylinders/4 stroke MWJ-engine, today's DB type 204 Download
62438Nohab Basic Nohab Diesel; European Version of EMD-F Engines, suitable for old-type Danish Diesel locos Download
62439VT11.5 TEE VT11.5 Download
62440VT 18 Diesel hydraulic railcar VT18.16 (DR Baureihe 175, type "Görlitz") Download
62441VT628 Diesel railcar type 628, MTU 12 V engine Download
62442BR 232 Diesel electric loco "Ludmilla", Russian manufacturer, DBAG Baureihe 232, DR Baureihe 130, 131, 132, 142 Download
62443TEE RAm TEE RAm Diesel-Einheit Download
62444PA 1 US Dieselelektrische Lok PA 1, ALCO 244 16V Motor Download
62445D319 Diesel elektric Loco RENFE D319, GE 16-645E engine Download
62446V200 express train locomotive, dieselhydraulic, typel B'B', 2 x 12-cylinders engines aka DB Baureihe 220 and SBB Am4/4 Download
62448V320 Diese lhydraulic Loco V320, Prototype Henschel engine Download
62449ICE VT Diesel elektric version of the ICE (DBAG Baureihe 605) Download
62450VT08 Dieselhydraulischer Schnelltriebwagen, 12-Zylinder Motor, also suitable for SVT 137 ("Hamburg") Download
62451VT610 Diesel railcar with water-cooled MTU-engines, aka "Pendolino" Download
62452BR 650 diesel hydraulic railcar BR650 Download
62454VT 98 Diesel rail car VT 98 for light railway, also suitable for VT95 Download
62455V80 dieselhydraulic locomotive V80 (BR280) with 12-cylinders engine Download
62456ÖBB 2016 Diesel-Locomotive ÖBB 2016 Download
62457SNCF 68000 SNCF 68000 with diesel-elektric engine by Sulzer Download
62458Blue Tiger Bombardier dieselelectric with GE 7FDL12 engine Download
62459DR BR120 diesel-elektric Loco DR BR120, aka "Taigadrum" Download
62478Talent BR 643 Talent Diesel version Download
62479KEG 2100 heavy 6-axles Diesel locomotive Download
62480MaK Vossloh MaK Vossloh G1200 Diesel-locomotive also HGK DE 1002 Download
62481VT11.5 Gasturbine (BR602) VT11.5 TEE Diesel train unit with gas turbine, which is BR 602 Download
62482VT12.5 Diesel rail car VT12.5 Download
63408SNCB DMU 41 SNCB / NMBS Diesel rail car DMU 41 by Alstom Download
63409SNCB Reeks 62 SNCB / NMBS Reeks 62, EMD 567 12-cylinders engine Download
63410Reeks 55 SNCB/NMBS type 55 diesel-electric locomotive with EMD 567-12 engine Download
63411SNCB Reeks 59 SNCB / NMBS Reeks 59, Cockerill Download
63417ÖBB 2043 Austrian Diesel locomotive type 2043 Download
63427V 90 switcher and loco for light passenger and freight transport, 4 axles Download
63428LINT 41 Diesel railcar of the Alstom LHB Coradia-Series; sound is suitable for LINT 27 (BR 640), LINT 41 (BR648) and BR 641 ("Whale") Download
63439Schienenzeppelin (Rail Zeppelin) Propeller rail car "Schienenzeppelin"; please note: both motors controlled by one decoder (propeller via Aux 1 and 2 !); control of the seperate drive motor could be achieved by an extra LokPilot Download
63440V160 diesel hydraulic Diesel loco, B'B' type Download
63441T44 SJ Swedish Switcher, EMD Diesel engine type 645E, 12 cylinders, Scandinavian airhorns Download
63442V300 Expresstrain locomotive, dieselhydraulic, C'C', 2 x V12-cylinders engine, also known as Krauss-Maffei ML 2200 C'C', JZ D 66 / JZ 761 Krauss-Maffei ML 3000 C'C' and DB V 300 001 / DB 230 001 Download
63449SBB Bm 4/4 II Old type diesel locomotive SBB Bm 4/4 II Download
63455VW-Draisine VW Type 2 Transporter "Bulli", modified for rail operation Download