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LokSound V3.5 - Electric Locos

Art.No. Name Description Download Details
51271ET 11 (for Liliput) electric rail car ET11 "Münchner Kindl" (Munich Child), Sound file for mounting-kit "Liliput ET11, Münchner Kindl" Download
52460BR 110 electric standard locomotive DB type 110, also suitable for BR112 Download
52461E40 electric loco E 40 Download
52462E75 old type elctric locomotive E75, also suitable for E52 Download
52463BR 103 electric lon-haul locomotive DB type 103 Download
52464E94 old type electric locomotive, aka "German Crocodile", also suitable for Type E80 Download
52465BR 120 long-haul standard electric locomotive Download
52466BR 150 DB standard electric locomotive Download
52467ICE Express train InterCity Express 1 & 2 Download
52468Re 460 Swiss electric loco Re 460 Download
52469BR 143 electric standard locomotive Download
52470E44 old type electric locomotive Download
52471Ce 6/8 Swiss electric loco "Crocodile" Download
52472Re 4/4 II Swiss electric locomotive Re 4/4 II for SBB and other companies Download
52473ÖBB Taurus ÖBB long-hul electric locomotive "Taurus"; the same sound as ÖBB 1016 and 1116 Download
52474Ae 6/6 Swiss electric locomotive Ae 6/6 for SBB and other companies Download
52475ÖBB 1044 universal electric locomotive ÖBB 1044; sound also suitable for ÖBB 1144 Download
52483BR 185 electric locomotive DB type 185; Bombardier Traxx (also DB type 146) Download
52484BR 101 long-haul loco electric loco Baureihe 101; also suitable for ÖBB 1012 Download
52485BR 141 / E41 electric locomotive DB type 141 (E41) Download
52486Eurosprinter Siemens Dispolok, "Eurosprinter ES 64 P", Sound for BR 127, BR 152, BR 182 and BR189, RENFE S 252 and CP LE5600 Download
52487ETA / ESA 176 accumulator rail car ETA/ESA 176 "Cigar of Limburg" Download
52490Straßenbahn old type street car Download
52492E18 electric locomotive; era II / III Download
52493ET 65 electric rail car ET 65 a.s.o. Download
52495LKAB IORE Ore train LKAB IORE with ADTranz / Bombardier engine Download
52496LKAB DM3-1200 old-type electric locomotive with rods; type 1'D+D+D1'; manufacturer: ASEA; former service at LKAB, now at MTAB Download
52497Gottardo TEE RAe II "Gottardo" Trans Europ Express for Switzerland and Italy Download
52498ICE 3 Express Train ICE 3 Download
53401HLE 13 SNCB/NMBS HLE 13 Belgian electric locomotive, engine by Alstom, aka "Reeks 13" or "Type 13" Download
53402Reeks 15 SNCB / NMBS Standard electric locomotive old Download
53403HLE 16 SNCB/SNCF HLE 16, old Belgian electric locomotive Download
53404HLE 20 SNCB / NMBS HLE 20, Belgian electric loco Download
53405Reeks 11, 12. 21, 27 SNCB / NMBS standard electric locomotive Download
53406HLE 23 SNCB / NMBS HLE 23 standard electric loco Download
53407SNCB / NMBS Reeks 26 Electric SNCB / NMBS Reeks 26 Download
53412SNCF BB 724000 / 734000 French freightlocomotive with 2- or 3-electricsystem Download
53414BB 25100 SNCF BB 25100 Savoie electric locomotive Download
53416GT4 German standard streetcar GT4 Download
53418Ge 4/4 Swiss electric locomotive Ge 4/4 Download
53421BR420 Commuter train BR420 Download
53429Stadler FLIRT Electric rail car FLIRT by Stadler, SBB-type Download
53438BR 181 /184 electric locomotive DB type 181/184 for transnational operation between Germany and France Download
53444BR 180 DBAG Electric locomotive DBAG BR 180, former DR BR 230 Download
53445Ae 3/6 I Swiss old type electric locomotive Download
53446Ae 3/6 II old type electric locomotive Ae 3/6 II Download
53447BLS Re 4/4 Swiss electric locomotive Re 4/4 of BLS Download
53448SBB Re 6/6 Swiss electric locomotive Re 6/6 from SBB Download
53450Ge 4/4 III RhB Swiss narrow Gauge electric locomotive Download