• ECoS software 3.4.0. published


    Today we may inform you about the release of software version 3.4.0. for ECoS 50200, ECoS 50000 as well as the Central Station 60212 "Reloaded". This software will not only fix bugs, but also brings new decoder profiles along to make the work with the new ESU LokPilot V4.0 and LokSound V4.0 families possible. Owners of our ECoS command stations can really look [...]

  • LokSound V4.0 manual online...


    The new manual for the LokSound V4.0 decoder is now available for download. The take chance to read through the manual even before the decoder is shipped, we are sure the quality of the new LokSound V4.0 decoders will convince you!

  • British Sounds released for sale


    Our british distributor, South West Digital (SWD) are pleased to announce that a full range of British and Continetal sounds are now available on the Loksound V4.0 decoders. Dealers can purchase these sound files directly from SWD.

  • New catalogue 2011 online


    We´ve just published the new product overview 2011 in English. Have fun reading!

    Of course, we´ll come straight to the point and would now like to present you with our highlight for this year. The LokSound V4.0 Decoder supersedes our successful LokSound V3.5 decoder. Since its introduction the LokSound V3.5 has been convincing odel [...]

  • New LokSound Select "PCC" Sound Profile #73418


    Just released! #73418 PCC sound equipped LokSound Select decoder! Available for Download now! This is Perfect for the Bowser All Electric PCC! It also includes an Automatic Stop Function and WORKING BRAKE LIGHTS! Not Just when coming to a stop but also when just slowing down! Great sounds, Outstanding motor control! When it comes to the perfect sound [...]

  • ECoS Software 3.3.3. released!


    From today, the new ECoS and Central Station Reloaded software 3.3.3. is available for download on our website. Keep your ESU command station up-to-date with software 3.3.3. which includes other improvements and bugfixes as well!

    As always, the software is available for downland free of charge. We offer two separate [...]

  • ESU presents the LokPilot V4.0


    "LokPilot V4.0 - run better with the 4th" - With this slogan we are proud to present the new generation of the successful LokPilot decoder family. The LokPilot V4.0 supersedes from now on the version V3.0, which has achieved an excellent reputation among model railroaders. Beside numerous small improvements, the highlights of the new version are:

    • ABC braking mode: [...]

    • LokSound Select Steam users manual


      We are happy to announce that the LokSound Select users manual has been updated recently. It is available for download now and is including the LokSound Select Steam decoders, too.

    • ECoS Software 3.3.1. released!


      From today, the new ECoS software 3.3.1. is available for download for the ESU command stations on our website. This update implements a long-wished-for feature: The use of own loco images for the ECoS. How this funcionallity can be used is described in the manual extension. Further highlights are the deactivation [...]

    • ECoS Software 3.2.1. released


      From today, the new ECoS software 3.2.1. is available for download for the ESU command stations on our website. Software version 3.2.1. will be released for ECoS 50000 and Central Station 60212 "Reloaded" as well as for ECoS 50200 with colour display. Thus, for the first time, there are identical software packages for all of the three ESU digital command [...]

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