LokProgrammer 5.0.12. available


8 weeks after the previous release, we are happy to announce that LokProgrammer Version 5.0.12. is available for download now. Even in these hard times, we would like to show our support to the model railroad community. As ESU is an international company, our teams in germany, china and also the USA try to keep going and serve the model railroad industry. All LokSound 5 decoders will be upgraded to firmware 5.3.113 (For LokPilot 5: Version 5.3.112) which introduces a lot of important features to the decoders. First of all, the new motor current limit CV allows to reduce the maximum motor current which is important for coreless motors. Further, you now can ask the decoder to save the function button state and also the speed so that this is still there again after a power failure. The ABC brake section detection was improved also for more reliable operation. Last but not least, for our sound designers around the world we now allow more outgoing transitions from each state so that it is easier to create even more complex sound schedules. We hope you enjoy the new LokProgrammer version. Take care!