LokProgrammer Software V2.7.2. released


The brand new LokProgrammer software version 2.7.2. is available for download in the  Download-Area.

In addition to various improvements and bug fixes that also includes a new USB driver for Windows┬« Vista┬«.

It is also a new opportunity to overwrite the factory default values of the decoder. If the check box "Overwrite factory defaults with current values" is checked when you write the CV values back to the decoder, these values will reloaded automatically when you rest the decoder with CV 8 = 8. In this way, the settings you have written with the LokProgrammer are not lost after a reset of the decoder.

A special highlight of this version is the newly developed sound assistant. It helps you to create your own sound projects with a few simple mouse clicks. The basic files are the CD supplied ESU files. 

Try the sound wizard and build yourself your own sound projects. 

An extensive, illustrated tutorial shows how it is done.

(Will be here shortly)