New ESU Forum online


The very successful ESU Support Forum was greatly expanded after the Christmas holidays, and includes now all ESU products. At the same time there was a server move.

Since the fall of 2006 ESU operates an Internet support forum for the digital ECoS digital contol unit. ESU was the first German manufacturer at this time with this new form of user support. In the subsequent period, the Forum has developed very positively and is considered by many visits of ECoS users. So far, however, it was only for ECoS owners possible to participate in this forum.

With the expansion made all ESU customers may register now and ask the questions about all ESU products. The ESU support team will answer questions in the forum with a higher priority, because the structure of an open forum more participants will benefit from the responses as for example in e-mail support.

Coinciding with the expansion of the forums the ESU forum was integraded in to the ESU homepage. It can now offer also English forums for our international customers.

The Registration is simple, absolutely free and accessible for everyone.