ESU Digital new items 2016 online!


We would like to introduce the LokPilot Nano Standard to you. This is the smallest ESU Decoder ever. Because of the small size of only 8x7mm, it should fit into all n scale engines.


The new LokPilot Fx Nano non-motor function decoder is as small, but offers up to 6 function output.


The new PowerPack Mini is made for LokSound V4.0 and LokPilot V4.0 decoders and will make your engines run smoothly evon on dirty tracks. It is much smaller than the previous version. The PowerPack Maxi is larger and designed as an add on for our LokSound L V4.0 decoders.


The Decoder tester now features an extended LED monitor and offers an extension socket to connect to the Decoder tester Extension. You can use the combination to also test LokSound L or LokSound XL Decoders.


Last, but not least we would like to mention our new SignalPilot: This accessory decoder was designed for easy control of Lightsignals or other semaphores.