LokPilot Fx Nano

Further information

The new LokPilot Fx Nano is the perfect function decoder for vehicles without a motor offering little space for a decoder but with features such as interior lighting or directional headlights. The LokPilot Fx Nano is a multi­-protocol decoder and due to its tiny dimensions of 8.0 mm x 7.0 mm will fit in just about any space. The decoder is supplied with a wire harness and an 8-pole plug as per NEM-652.

Operating modes

The LokPilot Fx Nano is a multi-protocol decoder. It supports DCC as well as Motorola®. In DCC mode 14-128 speed steps as well as 2- and 4-digit addresses are supported. Up to 20 functions can be controlled.

It supports all DCC programming modes and can be controlled and programmed by all DCC compatible digital command stations: thanks to RailCom® reading out CV values is also possible on the main.

Motorola® users enjoy the advantage of up to 28 speed steps at 255 addresses. The integral programming mode even allows programming with the venerable Control Unit 6021. The LokPilot Fx Nano detects Märklin® brake sections. Braking with DCC brake modules or with DC is also possible. Even though this decoder does not have a motor output, it is nevertheless suitable for the interaction between function decoder and vehicle decoder, where it may be important for both decoders to detect a brake sector. 

Analogue mode

The LokPilot Fx Nano decoder is also suitable for analogue DC layouts. The decoder automatically switches “on-the-fly” between the various operating modes. In most cases no adjustments are required.


The LokPilot Fx Nano decoder has six function outputs supplying a maximum current of 150 mA each. All important lighting functions (e.g.: blinking lights mars light, flash) are available and can be adjusted just like the brightness for each individual output.

The decoder features simplified function mapping quite similar to the “Function Mapping” as per the NMRA standard, which allows for easy assignment of the function outputs to any function button (F0 through F20).

Designed with future developments in mind

The LokPilot Fx Nano is update capable and can gets is new firmware with the ESU LokProgrammer. Thus your decoder will always have state-of-the-art technology!